Who am I?


I have been, in essence, an engineer my whole life, untrained at first but keen.  I’ve been exploring, inspecting, and generally understanding the machines and technology around me since childhood.

I’ve spent the last twenty five years working almost exclusively in small companies, which has taught me to work across an entire organisation, rather than the individual silos of large enterprises.

I’ve spent most of that time designing, building, and running entire networks, often from a blank sheet of paper.  I’ve had to specify servers, applications, networks, and datacentres, then build them and set them up, even installing all the cabling on site.  Then I’ve run the systems, and grown then keeping just ahead of the companies requirements.

My time in small companies has been fantastically rewarding, educational, and varied, and so I fully understand that your ambitions can be as great as anybody’s, but resources are limited, and more imaginative design can get real results.

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Experienced engineer and IT consultant

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